HRMIS - Modernizing HR

Zeki Expert Solutions brings you a cutting-edge HRMIS web portal and mobile app designed to streamline HR tasks. Managing employee information, leave requests and medical claims has never been this efficient.


Simplify HR tasks with user-friendly portal.


Clear role hierarchy for efficient approvals


Scale with ReactJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.

Used technology: React

Efficient HR Management Made Easy!

Efficiently manage HR tasks with Zeki HRMIS. This project offers an intuitive user experience for managing employee data and HR processes. The system handles everything from leave requests to medical claims, simplifying HR operations. Whether on a desktop or mobile device, accessing and managing HR information is effortless. Zeki HRMIS ensures your HR department operates smoothly and efficiently, with less paperwork and more streamlined processes.
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Our Client Testimonials

Zeki Expert Solutions elevated our HR processes with their innovative HRMIS. From leave requests to data management, the system streamlined our operations, making HR tasks a breeze. Their expertise made our HR department more efficient and agile.
HR Manager